All Prop Firm Promotions (May 2023)

May Prop Firm Promos

I have compiled a list of all current promotions I can find for the month of May (2023). You can use these to save precious $$ on prop firm challenges and accounts.

Don’t forget, we keep a full list of permanent promo codes over at All Verified Prop Firms.

Let’s see what’s on offer!

Top Choice – Glow Node 50% Discount!

Code: PTC5

Get a $5000 challenge account for just $23.75 after a discount! Valid only for the month of May.

My Funded FX

MyFundedFX Logo

Code: CHAMPION (Affiliate Code: PTC)

This promo will give you an 8% discount along with a 200% fee refund.

The Funded Trader

The FUnded Trader


This promo will give you a 10% Discount, 125% fee refund, 90% payouts and a free $10k challenge.


This code gives 50% off a $10k challenge.

Affiliate Code: CNACQK


funderpro logo

Code: PTC10

This promo will give you 10% off any account.

Bespoke Funding

bespoke funding program

Code: PTC10

This promo will give 14 Days Payout + 7.5% Discount+ 85% Profit Split. (Valid on 2-phase challenges)

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