Alpha Capital Group – Time Limits Removed!

Alpha Capital Group No time limits

Alpha Capital Group are one of our favourite UK-based prop firms due to their simple rules, great educational support and tight-knit trading community. Now things have got even better! As of the 3rd of July, 2023, this firm has removed time limits on all its challenges!

In addition to this fantastic move, Alpha Capital has also made some operational improvements to its dashboard, including:

  • Automatic Payout Requests
  • Improved KYC Verification
  • Automatic Contracts

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Alpha Capital Group is a Verified Prop Firm.

What are the Benefits of Removing the Time Limits?

The following is from the team at ACG:

We have just removed the time limit on ALL of our Alpha Pro Evaluations, but you might be wondering how that actually benefits you? Allow me to explain why this change could be a game-changer for you

  • Flexibility and Reduced Pressure: Without a time limit, traders can operate at their own pace and have the flexibility to manage their trades according to their trading strategies and market conditions. This eliminates the pressure of rushing through trades to meet a deadline, allowing traders to make more thoughtful and well-executed decisions.
  • Better Risk Management: When there is no time constraint, traders can focus on effective risk management and risk-reward analysis. They can take the time to thoroughly evaluate market trends, monitor positions, and adjust their trading strategies accordingly. This can lead to improved risk management and potentially higher profitability.
  • Learning and Skill Development: Without the limitation of time, traders have the opportunity to gain more experience and enhance their skills during the evaluation challenge. They can experiment with different strategies, analyze their performance, and learn from their mistakes. This process of continuous learning and skill development is crucial for traders aiming to become consistently profitable.
  • Increased Confidence: The absence of a time limit allows traders to build confidence in their abilities and trading strategies. They can take the necessary time to research and plan their trades, resulting in a more methodical and disciplined approach. As a result, traders may feel more confident in their decision-making, leading to improved trading performance.
  • Enhanced Performance Evaluation: Removing the time limit enables a more accurate assessment of a trader’s abilities and potential. Traders can showcase their skills over a longer period, providing a more comprehensive view of their performance, risk management, and consistency. This allows prop trading firms to make better-informed decisions when evaluating traders for potential funding or employment opportunities.

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