List of Prop Firms That Offer a Free Trail (Including FTMO)

Prop firm trials

One important step to becoming a profitable prop firm trader is creating and implementing a complete trading plan. Whilst backtesting is also important, trading in real-time offers a range of benefits.

Perhaps you have very little experience with trading and want to get some first-hand experience. It wouldn’t make sense to fork out hundreds of dollars for a real challenge which you would have very little chance of passing. That’s where a free trial may be a perfect choice.

Some more benefits and uses of free prop firm challenge trials include:

  • Allows you to test new trading strategies with zero risk
  • Gives you a realistic view of live markets (with the exception of liquidity)
  • It allows you to see the trading conditions of a particular prop firm before investing real money.
  • It allows you to get to grips with the firm’s rules before paying for a live challenge
  • It can be used to test an expert advisor or other trading bot

So, let’s look at what firms offer these trials.


FTMO – 14-Day Free Trial

One popular choice for free prop firm trials is FTMO. With this trial, you are given a demo account which will be active for 14 days. It replicates all the rules as their standard challenges.

You can also explore how your trading metrics are doing in their dashboard.

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group – Alpha Pro Trial

Another great option for a free trial challenge is Alpha Capital Group. This firm offers a complete trial version of its popular alpha pro challenge. You can also choose the level of demo funding you would like to trade with.

This firm has zero commissions and allows the use of expert advisors, therefore if you would like to analyze an expert advisor this would be a great choice.

Note: Make sure to use the code “FREETRIAL” for a discount on your first challenge.

traders with edge

Traders with Edge – Free Trial

Traders with Edge offer a free trial of any of their challenges. You can track your progress in the “dash” section to see various metrics.

You will also receive a free e-book titled “Passing your prop firm challenge” which you should certainly give a read.

lux trading firm trial

Lux Trading Firm – Free Trial

Lux Trading Firm is a prominent prop firm in the UK with huge growth potential. They offer traders the chance to try out one of their challenges for free.

You can decide whether to opt for the $50k, $100k or $200k options.

city traders imperium trial

City Traders Imperium – Test Account

This firm has provided a demo account which anyone can log into for the purposes of testing spreads and other trading conditions. It does not follow any kind of trading rules and cannot be used as your own account.

If you know of any more prop firms which offer free trials please let us know in the comments. Please also consider sharing this article on socials/blogs.

If you feel you are ready for a live account, why not check out our verified prop firm list?

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