Top 5 Cheapest Prop Firm Challenges in 2023 (All less than $100)

Top 5 Cheapest Prop Firm Challenges in 2023 (All less than $100)

One of the great things about online prop trading is the ability to break into the trading industry without the need to risk thousands of dollars in capital. Nevertheless, many challenges can still be quite costly, especially for those in low-GDP countries.

Therefore, the reason for this article is to highlight 5 great prop firm challenges that you can start with less than $100. All the prop firms on this list have been verified by us.

So, we have $100 to spend on a prop firm challenge. Let’s see what we can get.

[Our Top Choice] The 5%ers – $5,000 High-Stakes Challenge

Price: $39

5%ers high stakes

The 5%ers are one of the longest running prop firms and have built a great reputation in the industry. They are known for their innovative funding models and loyal trader base.

The latest offering by the 5%ers is a two-phase challenge model which includes some unique features such as bonuses, salaries and rapid scaling.

At just $39 for the $5k account, this is one not to be missed!

(Coming Soon) The Funded Trader – $10,000 Dragon Challenge

Price: $39

the funded trader

The Funded Trader are soon to release their new three-phase challenge which will feature significantly reduced prices compared to the standard challenges.

If you would like to read more about this then check out our article here.

Alerternativley, head to The Funded Trader below.

5 – Ryze Funding

Price: from $5

ryze funding

Current Promotion – 20% Discount


Ryze Funding is a new firm offering ultra-low-cost funding options. They achieve this by offering traders an option to choose between a 2 or a 3-phase challenge.

The cheapest option is just $5, which is a three-phase evaluation for $500 trading capital.

This promotion is due to expire by the end of June 2023.

4- FundedNext – $6,000 Stellar Challenge

Price: $59

FundedNext Logo

FundedNext has now released their much-awaited Stellar challenges. This lowers the cost of their cheapest challenge to just $59 for $6k of capital.

To top it off, this firm will also pay out 15% of the profits made during the demo challenge. Furthermore, they will also refund the entire fee upon passing the challenge.

3. The Concept Trading – $1150 Junior Associate (Traditional)

Price: $75

the concept trading logo

The Concept Trading offers a unique method of funding. The traditional accounts is effectively a single-phase challenge. However, instead of a 10% profit target, there is only a 5% profit target needed to progress to a live account.

Another great aspect of this firm is the speed at which you can grow an account. The account will increase by 50% every time a 5% profit is hit. The maximum amount of capital is also extremely large, going into multi-million dollars.

If you’re looking for a firm with a great scaling plan and simple-to-follow rules, make sure to check out the concept trading.

Current Promotion – 5% Discount

Code: PTO5

2. Traders with Edge – $5,000 Turtle Challenge

Price: $50

Traders with Edge are an Australian-based prop firm offering multiple funding models. One such model includes the “turtle” challenge which is a single-phase challenge with a full year to complete.

Some other perks of this firm are the regular promotions and competitions they run. Be sure to check out their in-built community/forum for more information on this.

Overall, this is certainly a firm you should check out if you are on a budget.

Current Promotion – 10% Discount

Code: 10off

1. My Funded FX – $5,000 Challenge

Price: $50

Similar to My Forex Funds, this firm also offers a $5k account but with MyFundedFX you have an option of single-phase and two-phase. What’s more, both challenges come with zero time limits and no minimum trading days.

Again, MyFundedFX also offers the $10k account which comes in at around $100. Another point to note, this firm is usually always running a promotion so be sure to keep an eye out for discount codes.

If you’re looking for a challenge for under $100, MyFundedFX is certainly a great choice.

Current Promotion – 8% Off

Affiliate Code: PTC

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