New FunderPro Offer – Claim 20% Off Your Next Challenge

funderpro promo

Heres what the team at FunderPro are offering:

Alright traders! Time to finish 2023 strong and start the new year on 🔥

1️⃣ 20% off ALL Challenges (new swing accounts included)

2️⃣ FREE 90/10 profit split if you get funded on a challenge that is $100k and above (or more than one 😏)

3️⃣ 50% off all retries and resets (you can reset a challenge any time during phase 1 if you are in the red and retry a challenge within 24 hours of losing your account)

Use NEWME at checkout to enjoy the perks!

Buy your challenge now!

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Weekly Payouts – No More Waiting for Your Profits

Tired of having to wait up to 30 days to withdraw your trading profits? Perhaps you have hit your % target in just a few days? With FunderPro, you have the option to withdraw every week!

This can greatly improve the overall success rate of traders as it:

  • Provides more opportunities to trade as you don’t have to wait as long after hitting your targets
  • Improves psychology. Knowing you have a payday every week can take a lot of the stress away from trading.
  • Improves your chance of actually reaching the payout. Many traders with other firms breach their accounts in between getting funded and getting paid.

Overall, there are no downsides to weekly payouts and plenty to gain. This feature is a thumbs up from us.

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