November 2022 Development Update

Funding Finder Tool

We have successfully launched our first interactive tool the “Funding Finder”. This was launched with 21 prop firms and 229 accounts built in with multiple filtering options available. Current feedback is good with no bugs reported.

We are actively looking at ways to promote this app including paid advertising and collaborations with content creators in the industry.

Some features we plan to work on next for this tool are:

  • Prop firm information page – We plan to implement a dedicated page for each firm which will provide users with a detailed overview of the firm’s history, rules and restrictions.
  • Slightly redesign the UI to be more user friendly.
  • Add a “Traders Toolbox” section to provide access to third party content.

Mobile Application Update

We submitted our app to the google play store for review on 04/11/22 and have had some feedback on a few minor tweaks needed to comply with the company’s policy guidelines. We plan to fix the issues in the coming week and resubmit by Friday (11/11).

We are still reviewing how our app can fulfil the Apple stores slightly stricter guidelines and will provide an update on that in due course.

Current Database Statistics

We currently have a total of:

  • 21 Prop firms
  • 229 Prop accounts

We aim to have at least 30 firms on board by the end of November, which should equate to over 300 accounts.

Current Firms:

Finotive Funding
Blue Guardian Capital
Lux Trading Firm
E8 Funding
Top Tier Trader
The Funded Trader
Stocknet Institute
City Traders Imperium
Fund Your FX
My Funded FX
Traders With Edge
Funded Trading Plus
The 5%ers
The Concept Trading
My Forex Funds
Audacity Capital

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