This Week in Prop Trading (23rd November)

Black Friday Promotions

This week, most of the news is being taken up with black Friday promotions. A number of firms are offering great discounts and unique promotions for the occasion. You can find a list of current offers here:

Black Friday Prop Firm Promotions – Prop Traders Club

MyFundedFX – Weekend Crypto Trading

Great news for the crypto traders out there as this firm is now allowing its members to trade crypto 7 days a week. Never miss any of the action!

Visit MyFundedFX

Traders with Edge – Member of the Month Program

This firm has their own forum/community within its website where traders can share trading ideas, journals anything else which you find of interest. Their new program will reward member for their contributions. Scores will be tracked with a points-based system and there will be three prizes:

  • $100 Credit
  • $50 Credit
  • $25 Credit

Check them out here

Record Profits from Prop Firm Traders

Many firms are reporting huge profits coming in for October/November. Here’s some figures:

  • FundedNext – Over $3.25 million paid out to traders in October.
  • My Forex Funds – MFF took it one step above and managed to hit $4 million in pay-outs to traders in October
  • The Funded Trader – Another massive 6-figure pay-out to one lucky trader who took home $200k.

Prop Traders Club – Updates

The FX Funding finder app is now available on google play. This is a prop firm account search engine that includes all the firms and accounts currently in the database. You can read more about it here:

FX Funding Finder Tool – Prop Traders Club

We have also released the first instalment of in-depth firm reviews. The first article is on the 5%ers and is available at:

The 5%ers Review – Including Earnings Report and Comparisons – Prop Traders Club

Keep an eye out on the next article where we’ll be looking at MyFundedFX in detail.

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