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FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm that had been in development for two and a half years before launching in 2022. They have a variety of funding options to meet traders’ individual trading styles. 

FundedNext encourages its traders to become successful in their trading careers; this is reflected in its scale-up plan with a massive cap of $4,000,000. 

The profit split they offer ranges from 60% up to 90%. Traders also have perks like not having to worry about a time limit and receiving a 100% refund on their subscription fee, with a 15% profit split from the demo phase. 

Traders also have the freedom to trade in forex pairs, commodities, and indices, with a 0% commission on indices. They operate out of 4 different locations USA, UK, UAE, and Bangladesh. 

FundedNext is a Verified Prop Firm.

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How does FundedNext stand out from the crowd?

FundedNext was established on March 18, 2022. With over a year of operation, they have
consistently evolved to become one of the top choices among proprietary trading firms in
the industry.

FundedNext stands out from other top prop firms in the industry by offering four distinct
funding models: Stellar 2-Step, Stellar 1-Step, Evaluation, and Express. Their trading rules
are relatively straightforward and flexible. Their unique 15% profit split from the challenge
phase, along with an up to 90% profit split from funded accounts, makes them a very
attractive option for traders.

Their new Stellar packages offer a no-time limit with a balanced-based drawdown and
News and EA trading allowed. They also have 2 other trading models Evaluation and
Express, that present their own benefits to traders

FundedNext Trading Models

This firm offers a wide range of models to suit nearly any trader. Let’s take a look through these.

Stellar 2-Step

Two-step Stellar Challenge model accounts entail completing two phases. Traders must
achieve profit targets of 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two to become funded. The 5%
maximum daily and 10% maximum loss rules are applicable. Profit splits range from 80%
to 90%, and account scaling is available.

Stellar 1-Step

One-step Stellar Challenge model accounts require the completion of a single phase, with
a profit target of 10% before becoming funded. The 3% maximum daily and 6% maximum
loss rules apply. Profit splits range from 80% to 90%, and account scaling is possible.


Evaluation model accounts follow the industry-standard two-phase evaluation challenge.
Traders need to reach profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two to become
funded. These targets align with the 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum overall loss
rules. Profit splits range from 80% to 90%, and account scaling is available.


Express model accounts involve a one-step evaluation challenge. Traders must complete
a phase and achieve a profit target of 25% while adhering to the 5% maximum daily and
10% maximum loss rules.

Traders can opt for either consistency or non-consistency express
model accounts. The minimum trading period is 5 calendar days, allowing for gradual
profit accumulation. Profit splits range from 60% to 90%, and account scaling is possible.

FundedNext Pros and Cons


  • Trustpilot 4.7/5
  • 15% profit split from Challenge phases
  • Up to 90% profit split
  • No time limit on the Stellar & Express
  • Balance-based drawdown
  • Subscription fee refund 100%
  • Own MT5 server (GrowthNext Server)
  • Swap-free accounts
  • Raw spreads
  • Free unlimited retries for Evaluation
  • Trading psychology advice


  • No news trading on Express Challenge
  • Minimum trading 5 days

Account Sizes and Pricing

The chart below outlines the pricing and account sizes for FundedNext’s popular two-phase stellar challenge.

Trading Conditions at FundedNext

It is important for any prop trader to fully understand the trading environment at their chosen prop firm. Not all firms are created equally in this respect, with slippage and commissions playing a major role of determining a profitable strategy.

Therefore, we are going to look at what FundedNext offers its trader in terms of trading conditions.

The Brokers

FundedNext has launched its own server on MT5 “GrowthNext Server” which features near
zero spread.

FundedNext had also partnered with Eightcap, an ASIC-regulated broker based in
Melbourne, Australia, to integrate their technology. Eightcap, founded in 2009, is dedicated
to offering exceptional financial services to its clients. With five offices worldwide and
regulatory oversight in multiple locations, Eightcap enables clients from around the globe
to trade across various markets, including FX, indices, commodities, and shares.


Forex$3 / Lot
Indices$0 / Lot
Commodities$0 / Lot


FundedNext offers its traders a comprehensive and well-structured dashboard, accessible
to all clients. This dashboard enables traders to effectively manage risk and track their
performance statistics, aligning with their objectives.

Dashboard View 1
Dashboard View 2

Who Founded FundedNext?

Abdullah Jayed is a globally recognized entrepreneur in the digital sector and retail
trading industry. He founded Jayed Corp. in 2016, aiming to create global employment
opportunities and simplify lives.

Notable projects include Growth Alliance, MoneyBackFX, and eComChef, all of which rapidly became market leaders.

He also established FundedNext, a multi-million dollar proprietary trading firm. Jayed encourages traders to pursue their dreams through FundedNext, offering funding and profit splits based on their performance.

How Trustworthy is FundedNext?

In this section, we take a brief look at what other traders have to say about FundedNext.

You can find a full list of TrustPilot reviews for FundedNext here.

FundedNext Payout Proofs

● Payout Amount 1: $7903.13
● Payout Amount 2: $9408.86
● Payout Amount 3: $5848.59
● Payout Amount 4: $8715.23

You can check out other hundreds of payouts given 0by FundedNext on their official
Discord server.

Discord Server Link:

Social Media and Communities

Click any image to open the respective social media account (in a new tab).

Followers: 45k
Followers: 12k
Subscribers: 26k
Followers: 33k
Followers: 54k
Followers 30k

Client Support

  • FundedNext has a detailed FAQ page where you can find all the information you
  • FundedNext’s support team can be reached through various channels. They are
    available on social media platforms, especially Discord, and direct contact can be
    made via email at
  • Additionally, their live chat support team is accessible round the clock, and users
    can also submit tickets through their website for assistance.


FundedNext stands out as a newer, legitimate proprietary trading firm, providing traders
with various models to choose from. These include the Stellar 2-Step, Stellar 1-Step,
Evaluation, and Express options. The firm’s trading rules are relatively relaxed and

In summary, FundedNext is a reliable prop firm with clear rules and objectives, making it a
suitable choice for traders. Despite being relatively new, they have gained trust and are a
safe option for traders seeking capital. Their diverse range of models accommodates
different trading strategies. Overall, FundedNext is currently one of the leading proprietary
trading firms in the industry

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